Family Tree Starter Package
I will create a research plan with you in order to produce a five generation family tree focusing on your pedigree. DNA testing may be needed to complete the five generations. The family tree is created online at You will have complete access to the online family tree and receive a digital download with a comprehensive report, a pedigree chart, a .gedcom digital file of your family tree, all purchased certificates, stories, pictures and documents gathered during the research. 

A $30 non-refundable deposit is to be paid at the start of the research. This is deducted from the final total. Research time is purchased in blocks of 20 hours for $150.

Birth, death and marriage certificates are to be paid for separately as needed and always in negotiation with the customer.

Specific Inquiry
If you have a specific question you would like answered or help with a tough patch in your own research this is also available and we can work out the scope of the research, time required and the cost.  Use the contact form to request a specific inquiry.

DNA Testing
I recommend using for DNA testing. You buy the test and follow the instructions to complete it. Ancestry uses a simple saliva test. The completed test is returned to Ancestry for analysis. You will receive notification of your results by email.

If you already have an Ancestry family tree you can connect your results to your tree. As part of a research plan, I can use DNA results and historical records to help find birth parents and breakthrough genealogical brick walls.