Were you adopted and you’d like to find your birth parents? Are there skeletons in your family closet?  Are there subjects or people who aren’t spoken about in your family and you would like to find out about them? A family tree and DNA can answer many questions if you know where to look.  I can help you with questions like who to test your DNA with, understanding your test results, interpreting your results and finding elusive relatives through research and DNA matches.  See my Family Tree Starter package to get going answering some of these questions.

I am an experienced genealogist; having helped many people find their birth parents and uncover their family stories. I have many resources and tools available and know the most economical; coherent method to research your family tree. I am based in South Australia. I have the most experience researching Australian, English and Scottish families however I have also undertaken research in New Zealand, Holland, Ireland, USA and other areas.

These testimonials from my customers summarise what I have achieved:

Kylie’s thorough research sets the benchmark for all other genealogists.  Kylie has an honest desire to help others find their past. Paula Kay

So very grateful to Kylie for her skill and patience in researching my somewhat complex family history.  You have no idea how exciting this is for me and I so look forward to sharing the information with my family and friends.  Sheila D.

My services are provided at a low-cost so that as many people as possible can discover their history. I could charge more but I don’t believe that people should miss out just because they can’t afford something.

See my Family Tree Starter package for a 5 generation family tree or you can also buy a block of hours for answers to a specific question or questions. I look forward to hearing from you and solving mysteries for your family. Kylie Willison

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Located in Greenwith, Adelaide, South Australia.